Out there from here

Premium Craft Cannabis

Out There From Here 

At Galaxy Labs, our curiosity for the cosmos is matched only by the craft in our cannabis — at connoisseur levels.

Because we put cannabis at the center of our universe, we understand what motivates our fellow afficionados. Our shared passion for premium plant experiences places us in a deeply engaged, niche community that craves the thrill of the hunt and the journey of discovery.

Galaxy Labs believes everyone deserves to experience space from Earth.

That’s why we’re on a mission to enable transformative moments that help people get out there from here.

Community Involvement

Galaxy Labs is committed to positively engaging with the community including specifically the underserved and disproportionately impacted areas most affected by the war on drugs. This includes targeted hiring events, job training, educational seminars, charitable donations, and philanthropy.

Galaxy Labs is actively engaged with several local community colleges within the area including Olive-Harvey College’s cannabis studies program. As part of these engagements, Galaxy offers program and curriculum advisory support, donation of various supplies and equipment, offering presentations on industry topics, and direct engagement through hands on learning sessions with the students.

As part of the greater effort of community involvement, Galaxy Labs is also assisting in the development of the community including the formation and continued support of community sponsored agriculture programs. Galaxy’s staff will also participate in community service events where time and resource can be given to help assist in bettering the community.

Highest Quality Cannabis

You appreciate the highest-quality cannabis flower and the craft with which it was grown.

So do we. Our shared passion for premium small-batch cannabis lands us in a deeply engaged community that craves the thrill ofthe hunt — and the journey of discovery.

We’re Galaxy Labs. Join us on our mission to explore other worldly cannabis — right here in Illinois — and get out there from here.

 The Atmosphere is better here

We cater to the connoisseur who appreciates the highest-quality cannabis flower and the craft with which it was grown. Whether you’re a seasoned space explorer or just bored with your current orbit, you’ve got three reasons to join us on our mission to explore otherworldly cannabis — right here in Illinois.

Out of this World Genetics

Our ambition is contagious. We relate to any David against many Goliaths, and we invite everyone to watch us redefine what it means to be the superlative, iconic presence in craft cannabis.

Premium Small-Batch Cannabis

We cultivate a transformative, cosmic experience — not just an escape from everyday gravities, but a ritual of exploration and self-discovery that renews our humanity.

Transparency & Openness

Galaxy Labs encourages transparency and openness, especially when it elevates our appreciation of cannabis. On a higher level, we promote self-discovery and freedom for ourselves and others.

Where we’re going we don’t need roads

When we look up to the stars, we believe the impossible can be made possible. When we symbolically venture off-world to explore and discover, we gain new perspective and appreciation for others.

Contact: info@galaxylabsllc.com